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last up: 2015-06-03




Aims of Foreign Students Committee

Foreign students at the Faculty of Agriculture of Yamagata come mainly from Asia but there are students from all over the world. Foreign students come from countries with different costumes and climates but little by little get used to life in Tsuruoka. However, at the beginning it is not easy. Until now, the Faculty of Agriculture has provided several opportunities in order to find out more about foreign students' opinions, but recently it has become clear that what foreign students want to know and what the Japanese staff at the university offer had not reached a common ground. There are senior foreign students with plenty of experience living in Japan with whom new foreign students

could have fruitful discussions, but until now there have been few chances for foreign students to gather and discuss studies or everyday life in Japan. Therefore, our objective is to create the opportunity where foreign students can meet and exchange their experiences. If we succeed, we can make a community network for foreign students where we can share our opinions, ideas and useful information for our life in Japan.
This magazine is the first step for sharing information by the foreign student community. We are looking forward to its further development.