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Department of Bioresource Engineering

This department is aimed at making education and research on the basic as well as applied sciences on development, improvement, and utilization of bioresources such as microorganisms, animals, and plants, using biotechnology and its related fields of sciences.
The basic and applied sciences of this department include such as basic sciences concerning various biological, physiological and genetical functions expressing by organisms from microorganisms to animals and plants, and also their potential capabilities. The applied sciences concern the following objectives such as functional improvement and development on bioresources, development and production of functional substances, utilization of biomaterials and new bioresources, and development and production of new functional foods.
This department has the following two research sections: the bioprocess engineering and bioresource utilization.

Bioresource Engineering

Section of Bioprocess Engineering

This section provides education and conduct research on the genetics and biotechnology from microorganisms to animals and plants, the structure and biological activities of biological active natural products, the techniques for preservation in agricultural products and pest control.
The main subjects offered by this section include the analysis and application of physiological function from microorganisms to animals and plants using biotechnological techniques, the analysis of the functional substances which affect the control factors, techniques for preservation and maintaining product freshness.

Section of Bioresource Utilization

Bioresources are ultimately one of the basic necessities of life, namely food. The studies of this section, which expand on the more traditional study of agricultural chemistry, cover the use and application of biomass, the development of useful substances, and the development and application of food resources using chemical and biological techniques.
The main subjects offered by this section include soil bioresource science, physiology and chemistry of plant nutrition, cellular biochemistry protein engineering, general and applied microbiology, science of biomass utilization, food chemistry and nutritional chemistry, chemistry of food materials, chemistry of food safety and hygienics.

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