Agricultural Process Engineering

Professor NATSUGA, Motoyasu, Dr.  E-mail

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My specialties are non-destructive analysis of agricultural products and food using near-Infrared (NIR). Grains (rice, wheat, soybean), vegetables (green soybean), fruits (pear), dairy products ( goat milk) are our major concern. Also we included detection of concrete deterioration as a research theme. Picture is a dedicated spectrometer for green soybean with pod.

Latest researches

bullet Development and Evaluation of Dedicated Bench-Type Near Infrared Spectrometers to Estimate the Flavour of Green Soybeans from Single Pod Measurements (Full Text)
bullet Development of an automatic rice-quality inspection system (Full Text)
bullet Development of a Continuous High-Speed Single Kernel Brown Rice Sorting Machine Based on Its Protein Content (Full Text)
bullet Visual and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for Rice Taste Evaluation (Abstract)
bullet Determination of Undried Rough Rice Constituent Content Using Near-Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy (Abstract)