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Yamagata University Research Forest

Field Science Center, YURF

The Yamagata University Research Forest, with a total area of 753 ha, is located 26 km south from the Faculty of Agriculture, Tsuruoka Campus, in the Asahi Mountains. The steep geographical features of the Asahi Mountains, as well as extraordinary heavy snowfall in winter and plenty of rain in summer, controls the forest ecosystem activities. YURF is also used as an outdoor education and community center for forest resources and environmental issues. At the same time, the nursery field in the Tsuruoka Campus is used extensively as a convenient arboretum and experimental area. 

The main characteristic of forests in Shounai region where YURF is located, is the heavy snow fall (with a record of 4.1 m in the winter 1973-1974). The main species that distributes in the Forest Research Center are Beech (Fagus crenata), Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), Hoonoki (Magnolia hypoleuca), Oak (Qercus mongolica var. grosseserrata), Larch (Larix kaempferi) and other minor species. Researches from Yamagata University and other universities are welcomed to conduct research on any discipline that will increase the understanding of the forest ecosystem in Shounai. If there is any request for conducting research in our Forest Research station please do not hesitate in contacting us any time. 

From April 2012, the YURF became an associate site of the Japan Long-term Ecological Research Network (JALTER) and in consequence part of the International Long-term Ecological Research Network (ILTER).

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